Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration


Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration in Southern Utah

Smoke and fire can cause extensive damage to any structure. If you’re beginning the lengthy process of fire damage repair, it’s critical to hire a professional. AAA provides fire damage restoration services for all types of buildings, including residential, commercial, high-rise hotels, government offices, hospitals, and more.

Being forced to clean up after fire damage to your home can be physically and emotionally draining, and having to do it again merely adds to the difficulty. Call a professional if you want your fire damage restoration in Utah to be done correctly the first time.

A skilled restoration service will be both faster and more effective than working on your own. Restoration services are frequently covered by insurance. Allow a professional to handle the repair so you can concentrate on what matters: rebuilding your life.

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What Happens Next?

1. Inspection – We specialize in fire and smoke damage repair, using cutting-edge equipment to tackle air quality concerns and take the required actions to clean or rebuild the property. Our experts can usually restore most of your belongings that haven’t come into direct touch with fire. We use dehumidifiers, generators, air scrubbers, and other equipment to minimize window damage.

2. Material Disposable – Our team of Utah fire damage cleanup professionals are schooled in the proper disposal of unusable items as part of our procedure. There are a variety of ways your belongings can be harmed, whether from the fire itself, the smoke, or the chemicals used to battle it. We may remove what can’t be saved from your property so you can focus on rebulding your life.

3. Smoke and Ash Removal – Removing ash and soot after a fire is one of the major worries during fire damage cleanup. Soot may be difficult to remove from porous surfaces, while ash can all too readily be dispersed into the air, which could cause another fire if embers are present.

4. Restoration and Reconstruction – Our staff has the training and experience to successfully restore your salvageable furniture or parts of your home after a fire. Our specialists are well-versed in the many methods required to return your salvaged home to its former glory.